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Phra Siwalee ,Magic spelling text from Lp.Kalong - Khowlam Temple
Saint Asiti, one of the Buddhist greatest disciples whose is the top of all luck and fortune. This sacred object is the top for draw in lucky and valuable objects and worshiping from all around the holder, this image of Buddha made by the original recipe of Grand Master GaLoang Keawkaw.

Luang Poo (Grand Master) GaLoang Keawkaw, adept monk of Khao Lam Temple, Amphoe Wungsomboon, Sa Kaeo Province. A patriarch-monk who possessed “Wa Ja Prakasit” (Privilege mouth which everything that he say will come true) by “KeawKaw” (glassy fang) at the middle roof of the mouth.

Worshiping chant for this Buddha Image
(The following section will mostly comprise of phonetic alphabet and normal translated enchant word) Start with 3 times of ‘ Namo’ (the bowing chant)
Namo tutsa pakawato arahato summa sumputtatsa
Namo tutsa pakawato arahato summa sumputtatsa
Namo tutsa pakawato arahato summa sumputtatsa

Then chant this spell:
Nashali Tishimpali Mahalero Lapalapo Jatewata Jalapanung Suppasane-hung Suppasanae-ha

Metta Garuna Mutita U-bekka I-tipiso Pukkawa
Putto-jamaha-lapo Tummung-jamaha-lapo Sungko-jamaha-lapo
Puttung-jamaha-puttung Tummung-jamaha-puttung Sungkung-jamaha-puttung
Puttung-jamaha-lapung Tummung-jamaha-lapung Sungkung-jamaha-lapung

‘Na’ shall remain on my left. ‘Ta’ shall remain right by my heart.
‘Puttung’ the Five Holy Gems shall remain in my mouth.
When I say let them hear and be concern and anxious.
Suppa Lapung Prasit May

Na Shaliti
A-hii A-hii Jittung Nama-itTi Yungwa A-hii A-hii Jittanama Rajawa
A-hii A-hii Lapung A-hii A-hii Jittawinyarn
A-hii A-hii Kayawinyarn A-hii Ahii Tartwinyarn
A-hii A-hii Ruppawinyarn

A-hii A-hii Thou shall call upon the Five Forms of Existence
A-hii A-hii Thou shall call upon the Four Elements
A-hii A-hii Mano Jitta Winyarntart

Na Shaliti Shimpasri-nung
Saint Shimpali, oh lord please destine their minds, their though, make all mand and women love me, made them enamored with me and dearly find their wat to me.

A-hii A-hii A-CutChaya A-CutChahi A-hii Jittung Piyung MaMa, oh lord please draw all thing to me as the all ravines tide to the Ganges River. Whether there are fortune, money, gold and all valuable things in the world. Make me rich, make me wealth and make me prosper.

Mu-ma-mi Ma-la-mu-ma-mi-mu Lama Poka Pokung Mungkung Sukhung Tanung Sutjung Lapung Kippa Kippung Jitta Winyarnung, all come to me.

[End of the chant]

This is quit a long chant but it is the original chant write by the very own hand of Grand Master GaLoang, recover from his book, in the year 2490BE. This very book is where he kept all knowledge he learned from many adept-monks. This worshiping chant to Phra Sriwali is very important to the Grand Master, because of this chant that he cast day and night which bring him all the money and fund enough for the building of permanent structure for the Bufddhism that bestow to 9 temples.
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