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The Legend of Phra Luk Nah Thong
The Legend of Phra Luk Nah Thong

Phra Luk Nah Thong is one of Grand Master GaLoang KeawKaew’s potent magic. This magic are well know for its power in Sanae – Metta Mahaniyom (The Greatest Charm and Admiration), ancient ‘Khoan’ – ‘Lakhon Nai’ players were all worship this sacred object. Grand Master GaLoang learned this magic from Kru Poeng, a master of Khoan, Thai drama which perform by dancers wearing mask, in the reign of the 6th King of Chakri Dynasty. When Kru Poeng met Grand Master GaLoang, he was too old and Grand Master GaLoang was just new ordained monk. Grand Master GaLoang said, Kru Poeng admired his mode of practice which eventually became a strong faith and Kru Poeng wished to bestow this magic to him. At first, Grand Master GaLoang didn’t want to learn this magic, but couldn’t withstand Kru Poeng’s persuasion; hence he had received indoctrination from Kru Poeng, finally.
Phra Luk Nah Thong Magic is consider to be one of the most potent magic in charm and admiration, ancient Khoan – Lakhon Nai (old drama, perform by all female for royal seeing) players were all worship this magic. There is belief that once you have indoctrinate with this magic, you’ll become love and admire by all you’re going to meet, your performance will be please by all audiences, hence, ancient drama players are all wish to be bestow with this superb charm. Moreover, Phra Luk Nah Thong Magic is also consider to be one of the most hidden magic in the history, as ancient master usually preserved this magic for someone who really deserve it. However, there are many branches of Phra Luk Nah Thong Magic, for an example, ‘Likay’ (drama with signing and dancing) players have their own recipe of Phra Luk Nah Thong Magic which usually in form of sacred powder use to rub their face and body. But Grand Master GaLoang’s branch of Phra Luk Nah Thong was inherited directly from the royal residence, which considers being one of the rarest branches of this magic. Moreover, Grand Master GaLoang is one of the most powerful cabalistic monk of cardinal class, he also has the great kindness which make his Phra Luk Nah Thong Magic is superior above all other recipes. Beside becoming lovely and admirable person, any one who has receive this magic from Grand Master GaLoang also going to be a real fortunate person, earn support from surrounding people and face the highest success in his life. From all these mentioned, you should have seen how wonderful this magic is.

The Legend of Phra Luk Nah Thong
The legend of Phra Luk Nah Thong come from the story of Ramayana, in the story, Phra Rarm (Rama) has 4 brothers, the dearest one is Phra Luk. Phra Rarm is avatar, an incarnation body, of Narayana, he has green body. Phra Luk is avatar of Ananta Nakarach (The Great Naga) who comes to aid Phra Rarm in fighting the demon, he has gold body. As Ananta Nakarach has gold scales cover his body, hence he has gold body too when he incarnated as Phra Luk. The description of Phra Luk is ‘one face, two hands with golden body, wearing pointed crown and born in the house of Narayana Incarnation, as know as ‘Naraipoang’.
In the story of Ramayana, Phra Luk is a bravery – honestly person who loyal Phra Rarm with his life. As there was a time when a demon name Koomphan who had Moakkasuk Lance as weapon, Koomphan thrown that lance to Phra Rarm but Phra Luk used his body as a shield to cover Phra Rarm and get injured instead which he almost lost his life. This act clearly shows his kindness and loyalty to his brother that has none other comparable. Also, Phra Luk is a wise and circumspect person who always helps solve any problems for Phra Rarm.
Phra Luk was one of the most fortunate people of the world at his time. He has unordinary luck and prestige, as one time, there was a challenge to lift up ‘Maha Kunsorn’ (The Great Bow) which the reward is marrying with ‘Narng Sida’ (A fairest maiden in the story of Ramayana). Each and every angels and gods from every class of heavens came to try, but none could life it up. Even when they’d gather thousands of people to try to lift that bow, they still failed. When it was Phra Luk’s turn, he had try and known he could lift the bow up but he decided not to, as he know that his Brother, Phra Rarm, love Narng Sida. So he let Phra Rarm try, which succeed and get married with Narng Sida finally. This depicts Phra Luck’s generosity, also show his unordinary prestige and charisma.
In the story of Ramayana, Phra Luk has a miraculous dagger as his weapon. The story of his handy weapon is also show how superb Phra Luk’s virtue. There was a demon who committed long pray to ask a divinity’s blessing. When his penance became potent, the divinity had bestowed him a wish, as he asked for a magical weapon, the divinity had destined a magical – glassy dagger to fall from the sky. But the demon’s previous bad deed had cover his consciousness which made him got angry as he though the divinity had insult his pride by throwing down a dagger to him. Hence, the demon left that miraculous dagger there, when Phra Luk found it and tried give it a swing, the world had shake from its tremendous power. The demon now realized that the dagger he left behind had such power; he retuned for it and had fought with Phra Luk. Phra Luk used that dagger and had cut the demon into two pieces. There are many tales about Phra Luk in Ramayana, though he hadn’t got as prominent role as Phra Rarm, still he is an important person in the story.
The most prominent characteristic of him is his gold body, which make Phra Luk a great admirable person from the day he was born. Moreover, his name ‘Luk’ is sound close to the word ‘Ruk’ (in Thai mean love), too. Therefore, the name ‘Phra Luk Nah Thong’ is the most suit symbol of the great charm and admiration. In the magical sciences that inherit from legend in Brahman, they usually use various characters from the Ramayana as their Magical Master. For examples, Phra Rarm usually use as master in the magical science of war and fighting; and Phra Luk, the younger brother who has gold bady, is use as the master of the great charm, merit and admiration magic. Hence, Phra Rarm and Phra Luk are like twin power, the light and the dark. Phra Rarm is like the power of midday’s sun and Phra Luk is like the power midnight’s fullmoon, which has immeasurably calmly charm and attractiveness. Hence, the magical science of Phra Luk Nah Thong is born from the prestige of Phra Luk, one of the most important characters in the story of Ramayana.

The Charming Power of the ‘Jahn Sorn Jahn’ (Double Moon)
As mentioned earlier, Phra Luk Nah Thong Magic is ancient master’s most reserve magic, as it is the greatest magical charm above all other magic. But Grand Master GaLoang’s charisma and virtue had destined him to met Kru Poeng and received indoctrination from him. The indoctrination of Phra Luk Nah Thong Magic, Grand Master GaLoang said it can be done only once a year. And the most appropriate and best auspicious time to do is on Monday (Monday in Thai is ‘Wun Jahn’, jahn also mean ‘the moon’ in Thai) with fullmoon, as know as ‘Jahn Sorn Jahn’ or ‘double moon’. Black magicians believe that Monday is the day that the great admiration magic will be most powerful. Additionally, for person who born on Monday, astrologic recipe describe them as ‘a kind, charming and admirable person’, if he is a man, he will be a gallant one, or else, if she is a woman, she’ll be a lovely one. Moreover, if it is Monday that receive power from the Moon, that is, if it is fullmoon on Monday, the power of the great admiration will be extremely powerful. Most magician normally consider fullmoon day to be the most appropriate day for commence magic incantation to the sacred object that intend to possess power of the great admiration. As moon always has important role and influent over man and other living’s heart. Therefore, any day that has fullmoon on Monday, day of the Double Moon, is consider to be magical time that most appropriate for commence the magic incantation of sacred object that intend to possess power of the great admiration, as the Double Moon will help double any magical power you’re going to fill in the sacred object. However, such auspicious day is rarely to be found, as normally there are only occur one or two times in a year, even doesn’t occur at all in some year.

The Miraculous Power of Phra Luk Nah Thong
The indoctrination of Phra Luk Nah Thong by the royal recipe has one meticulous restriction, as the author had learned, that in the past they would had to scrape some matter from old – ancient mask of Phra Luk (which use in playing Khoan). The scraped powder of Phra Luk’s mask was considered, by the players of Khoan and Lakhon nai, to be ‘charming powder’, hence, can be use to anoint their faces (as a blessing) or mix with facing powder to powder their faces. This scraped powder also considered to be ‘miraculous powder’ that possessed high magical power of the great charm and admiration, as it is originate from the supposed image of Phra Luk, especially from his face. However, the scraping of Phra Luk’s mask cannot be done dully, as inappropriate scraping would cause some hazardous to the violator of his holy prestige. An appropriate method to scrape powder from Phra Luk’s mask is quit simple: do not approach to the Phra Luk’s mask DIRECTLY. Just go over the corner of his left or right eyes, then pay him obeisance respectfully for his forgiveness and ask permission to scraping his face. Any other violating acts would cause diseases or cures upon the violators. Khoan and Lakhon’s players know this as ‘Pid rang kru’ (punishments that occur to persons who violate master’s directives).
Furthermore, the scraped powder of Phra Luk Nah Thong’s face that was used in this time, Grand Master GaLoang collected it rightly to the royal recipe for a long time and used it as vital substance for the making of Phra Luk Nah Thong’s sacred object. You can be undoubtedly assured that every pieces of Grand Master GaLoang’s sacred object of Phra Luk Nah Thong are extremely powerful in charming and admiration.

The Potent Indoctrination of Phra Luk Nah Thong
The indoctrination ceremony of Phra Luk Nah Thong will start early in the morning, as Grand Master GaLoang will perform reciting concentration in the marquee, recalling his teachers and masters, the guardian angels of this magical science which he took some hours for that concentration. Moreover, at that day there was other cabalistic monk, who’d joined him in the reciting concentration, namely, Grand Master Un of Roang-ko Temple. Therefore, the might of this sacred object is guarantee-able to be very intense. After those masters had finished the reciting concentration, all the disciples who wait to join the indoctrination ceremony will gradually crawl to the Grand Master GaLoang and presented him a Pahn Kru – tray’s pedestal that contain flowers and other things meant for worshiping – then Grand Master GaLoang will perform the indoctrination of Phra Luk Nah Thong for them. Grand Master GaLoang also indoctrinate then with old Talung Skin. (A painted skin use for shadow showing) Afterward, all the participants received the holy water scattering from Grand Master Un of Roang-ko Temple and then the ceremony is considered to be really complete.
Anyone who passed the indoctrination of Phra Luk Nah Thong, which only perform once a year, will be bless from Phra Luk Nah Thong. They will be please and admire from all men and women. This indoctrination will augment their prestige, bestow glory to their life, they’ll make progress in their career and trading. They were considered to be really charismatic person for receiving indoctrination from Grand Master GaLoang. The ceremony of this kind is rarely found these days, moreover, not many persons that can perform this ceremony as sacred as Grand Master GaLoang can.

A Superb Sacred Object – Phra Ruk Nah Thong
In the indoctrination ceremony of Phra Luk Nah Thong by the recipe of Kru Poeng (also know as the royal recipe), beside the sacred object ‘Sian Kru’ (Phra Luk Nah Thong’s mask) Grand Master GaLoang also committed the magic incantation of other sacred object in the Phra Luk Nah Thong series for his diciples who want some sacred object that has power of the great charm and admiration for themselves. Grand Master GaLoang performed the magic incantation with Grand Master Un of Roang-ko Temple and Master Soang of Siladin Temple.
There are 3 types of sacred object in Phra Luk Nah Thong series, namely:
1. Phra Luk Nah Thong’s medallion
2. Phra Luk Nah Thong’s cabalistic writing
3. Phra Luk Nah Thong’s rolled charm

Besides these threes sacred objects, there are also sacred image of Grand Master GaLoang in Nawaloha (the nine metals) and Tagua Korm Punpee (Cambodian thousand years old lead) substances; sacred image of Hanuman Conquering Lanka, both small and big molds; ‘Rian Phra Phroam Suriyatep’ (Medallion of Brahma The God of Sun). Every sacred objects made in this ceremony are all possessing extremely powerful Buddhist holy power.
Any person who missed this auspicious indoctrination ceremony of Phra Luk Nah Thong can bring sacred object of Phra Luk Nah Thong made in this ceremony to worship in the daily living, as these sacred object would originate the same miracle. The worshipers of these sacred objects would be bless with the great merit, the great charm and admiration and the great prestige and prosperity in the life, just like being bless by the real Phra Luk Nah himself.

Worshiping spell and methodology of Phra Luk Nah Thong’s rolled charm, mask and cabalistic writing
Note: this spell is Thai word, for their translation, see the parenthesis

Pray ‘Na mo tut sa pa ka wa to a ra ha to sum ma sum phut tut sa’ (3 time), then cast this spell:
Ohm Phra Puk Phra Luk Nah Thong Suwun pudpong Nah Thong Phra Puk Chai hen chai ruk Sao hen sao ruk Pooyai hen kor ruk Pa gun soam-manus Roo juk koo tuan nah Mai wa krai Na jubjit Mo jubjai Put yoang-yai Ta loang-lai Ya rong ma ha gu Pasasumma Patitami
Ohm Phra lang pen sang Phra Luk Phra Roesi jub pakka Phra Luk Jub Nah Jub Ta swaha Na hen nah gu yoo mai dai Mo Rong hai kruan krang Put gord wai mi krai wang Ta Kruan krang sa-oen hai Ya Loang-lai nai jit Ying dai Chai dai Dai peng pit hen nah gu Kor you mi dai Rong hai ma ha gu
Ohm Sitti gae gu sawaha Ahi Chaiya Ahi Suppa Pechana Pahu chana ahi

Pray this spell 3 times and bring Phra Luk’s mask or rolled charm to circle clockwise around your face 3 times. This will arouse the power of the great charm, merit and admiration. Help strengthen your prestige and fortune. You will succeed in all your businesses and wishes.
If you’re using Phra Luk’s cabalistic writing, pray this spell 3 times and use the cabalistic writing to rub your face and your cheeks, which will induce the same prosperity to yourself.

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